Why you should NOT use NativeScript

1. What {NS} promises is a lie

2. Documentation is ridiculous

  • Unanswered questions on StackOverflow
  • Unanswered or zero value answers (“it’s your fault…”) on GitHub
  • Judging you on NativeScript Slack community instead of getting proper help

3. Performance is terrible

4. Arrogant communication

5. There’s no support at all

6. Prepare for continuously refactoring

Final Thoughts

UPDATE: NativeScript 8 upgrade

I wanted to build our Android app, and I’ve got 1000+ error messages as a result…

So if you have a shared-code NativeScript project, you are NOT supported anymore, and you will have to learn the whole thing from scratch OR you have to pay them to solve this issue.

  • have a 100% useless and misleading documentation
  • are changing the core packages continuously between major versions
  • act like a douchebag when you ask their help for free




Oldschool vampire octopus

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Oldschool vampire octopus

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